Guildford escorts on jobs for former escorts

Are you thinking about leaving your escort service and doing something else? Most escorts find it hard to get another job after they have worked for an escort service in London or elsewhere. When I started to think about leaving Guildford escorts, I was not sure what I wanted to do at all. I like meeting people and looking after myself, so I knew that I wanted it to be something along those lines. On top of that, I realized that I wanted to have my own business and work for myself. Really that is what you do when you work as an escort.

There are numerous jobs out there which might be suitable for you. At the same time I think that you may have to invest in some training. That is what I looked at when I left Guildford escorts. I had been with the agency for such a long time that I knew that I needed to refocus on what I wanted to do. In the end I opted to become a nail technician and now I am doing really. I even have my own nail bar in Guildford. The funny thing is that some of the gents that I dated at the escort agency come in to have gents’ manicures. I keep on wondering if they miss me.

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Suzi is another girl from Guildford escorts who struck out on her own. I am not really sure how she got into it, but she started her own cleaning agency. Actually I think that she started to clean for on of her gents who had a big house. She has always been one of these healthy girls so she invested in environmental friendly cleaning products. Now she runs her own cleaning agency here in Guildford and employs other girls. All of the stuff they use is natural and people go mad for that.

Another one of the girls from Guildford escorts, Tara, has always been into health and fitness. She decided that she wanted to retrain to be a Pilates instructor when she left the escort agency. It took her a year to train to be a Pilates instructor but now she has her own studio in Ascot. We are all really proud of her and think that she has done well. Ascot is a great place to work and she has some really good clients at the studio.

There are tons of ideas out there once you start looking around and I am sure that most of the girls at Guildford escorts could find something out there. One of the things that you can do is to take a look at franchises. I thought about doing that before I came across my nail training course. There is a big exhibition in Birmingham every year. I go to see if I can find something that fits in with my business. We have rather high sales when it comes to nail and hand care products. I am sure that I will find the perfect product one day.

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