High Fat Food to Avoid Gentlemen Should Avoid According to Bromley Escorts

Our bodies need fats in the diet but none of my gentlemen at Bromley escorts, want them settling on their stomachs. After years of being told that fat is bad for u,s it is now accepted that some fats are good for us and some fats are bad. It isn’t just my gentlemen at Bromley escorts who should avoid the really bad fats, but anyone who is concerned about their health in general, as they can lead to higher cholesterol and increase the chance of heart disease, as they fuzz up the arteries.

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Part of the problem spring from the fact that many gents I date at Bromley escorts, don’t know where unhealthy fats can be found. Saturated fats are found mainly in meat and dairy products. Fat on meat is made of fat naturally, but it can be removed before the meat is cooked, even though it is a good source of flavor. Meats which contain saturated fats are beef, pork, lamb and veal, whereas chicken meat is fine, it’s just the skin which needs to be avoided. That doesn’t mean that skinned chicken wrapped in batter and deep fried is healthy.
If a gentleman I meet at Bromley escorts, is dieting then it’s best to stick with white meat from turkey and chicken, and fish, and cut red meat out when we go out on dinner dates. Sausages, bacon and black pudding are also high in fat. Other foods to be avoided are mainly diary such as full fat milk, condensed milk, ice-cream and cheese. Cheeses differ in fat levels but harder cheeses tend to be higher in fat, and not all the gents at Bromley escorts realise that.
The evil fat is the Trans fat which your fast food is most likely fried in. Some chains are moving away from it as people begin to realize their dehydrated food is being fried in it, but it’s been the cheap option of choice even though the health dangers were clear. It has also contributed much to obesity levels. Of course this shouldn’t matter to dieters as they are unlikely to be caught trying to sneak into a junk food chain whilst trying to lose weight.
Hydrogenated fats feature heavily in processed foods such as snacks and potato chips. They are also used in some margarine and thus sneak into other commercial products such as baked goods. The best way to avoid them is to cut out processed foods which are generally high in fat, sodium, additives and preservatives. If you aren’t sure read the labels and look out for hydrogenated fats to avoid.
Dieters need to turn to a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, and make a conscious choice to use things such as skim milk in preference to full fat milk; and monounsaturated fats from olive oil, seeds and nuts. Cut out fast food and processed foods or at least study nutritional labeling. By cutting out the bad fats, my Bromley escorts gents, will be opening themselves to a healthier diet as well as not piling on the pounds anymore.