How Intimate Conversation Should Bind People Together

diningAn intimate relationship involves physical and emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is characterized by passionate or romantic attachments or sexual activity. Humans have a desire to love and to belong. It allows people to form strong emotional attachments.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to communicating is that most couples have misconceptions of its purpose. Communication involves the collaboration of two people as they share and also examine their perceptions, feelings, thoughts and ideas as they come to an accurate understanding of what is going on.

Everyone knows that communication is simply a matter of talking and listening. However, most of us mistakenly think that communication is that easy. We do not realize that instead of involving innate abilities, communication involves specific skills that can be learned and developed in order to talk with and also listen to our loved ones.

When talking to your partner, you need to bring into the conversation something that both of you are sure of, which are your own perceptions, thoughts and feelings. However, talking about yourself is more challenging that you can imagine. The focus of a lot of discussions is usually on blaming each other. While talking about yourself, you need to avoid being tempted into attacking, criticizing or even accusing or blaming your partner.

It is vital to talk about feelings that are humiliating or embarrassing. Do not think that they are not appropriate or even meaningless. Make an effort to talk about feelings that you might normally avoid and do not give in to the temptation of being righteous or victimized. This is not about the hurt, but about the simple truth that you are disappointed and it is causing you emotional pain.

Talk about your personal wants. It is hard for people to say what they truly want and this is not in regard to going to a new restaurant. The personal wants are those that come from deep down where you are most vulnerable. The more you are able to talk on this level with your loved one, the more in touch with yourself you will be and the closer to your partner you will be. When you and your loved one talk on this level, most of the small issues that come between the two of you will vanish. It will become clear that they were simply small issues, and that the small stuff isn’t worth sweating about.

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