Nips and Tucks for Glamour Pussies

Most glamour pussies that I know have had some sort of enhancement surgery. I don’t think that a little nip and tuck does you any harm what so ever, but there are certain nips and tucks which are more popular with glamour pussies all around the world , and not only here at Luton escorts. Some girls who join the escort agency here in Luton, often ask a little bit of advice on what nips and tucks are best for a glamour puss.

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The first thing you notice about a glamour puss is normally her lips. Most glamour pussies that I know here at Luton escorts have a certain pout. That pout does not come natural ton all glamour pussies, and like most other glamour girls, I have had to work on my as I tell my friends. It means that I have had my lips enhanced in order to look a little bit more glamorous. A nice shiny lip stick looks ten times better on a pair of pouting lips.

What about your boobs? No self respecting glamour puss likes to have a small chest, and I just love how good mine looks in some decent lingerie. If you are thinking about having your chest enhanced, one of the things that you should do, is to check out different bust sizes. Remember that some bust sizes may look totally silly on a skinny frame, and you don’t have to go over the top. I know that gentlemen like things to be in proportion, and that is true even at Luton escorts. You should not go over the top with your boob enhancement, and if you don’t think that you really need one, you may be better of buying a good quality bra instead. There are some nice bras on the market, and only the best bras will do for a professional glamour puss.

What about your bottom? Most glamour pussies have beautiful firm bottoms and nothing could be more true for the girls at Luton escorts. One thing you don’t want to do is to end up with a Kim Kardashian bottom. That looks totally horrible and I would not dream of having my bottom altered to that extent. If you have a very small bottom, there are some simple surgery methods which can be used, but don’t end up with a bottom like Kim. That just looks horrible.

Finally, look after your feet hands. You should not consider having surgery on your hands but I think that you should check out some of the latest treatments such as collagen enhancements. Collagen is great for the skin, and many clinics now offer collagen enhancements to make your hands look better. The good news is that they are not very expensive. Just like your lips, you hands are normally the first thing a gent notices, and I love to make sure that my hands look beautiful for all of the fantastic gents that I date at Luton escorts.