The reason that we are in a relationship determines the quality of it.

In other words the purpose in which we enter into a relationship with a significant other determines the quality of the love, the quality of the communication, whether or not the two of you are loyal to each other, and whether or not the relationship lasts or goes into a tailspin and crashes. So as an example let’s look back at middle school high school why people get into relationships. Typically it’s because there’s maybe being with somebody at that age allows you to rise in status. you end up looking cool if you are dating the high school quarterback, or if you’re a guy maybe if you’re dating the hottest girl in school that all your friends want to be with you get some type of respect from your peer group and hence your status rises says Balham Escorts. Now if we look at that relationship those relationships what’s really possible in terms of communication between the two of them? Right? Is the context that’s created by the reason of being in the relationship big enough to be able to handle any breakdowns in communication?Is it able to withstand any type of incompatibility or mismatch of values? Is there any room for the person pulling away or any honest communication between the two people? Probably not, because the reason does not go that deep the reason isn’t big enough to withstand what it takes for the relationship to last.

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Now unfortunately people get into relationships for very similar reasons out of high school 10 20 30 years later. they’ve just they just have a different outfit on them maybe they’re just a little bit more complicated but a lot of times they still are around fear, perhaps status, perhaps security. I’ll give you a couple examples: some people get into relationships because they don’t want to be alone. and if you are afraid to be alone then the quality of that relationship is going to be one in which if your partner begins to pull away or your partner just need some space it could very well trigger you feeling alone and suddenly autonomy in the relationship become something that is just it’s not acceptable and it becomes the catalyst that could ultimately break the two of you up. It also it creates a codependency between two people when the reason that you’re in a relationship is because you’re afraid to be alone. another reason could be because you’re wanting some type of financial security now, I get it right there’s a certain level of security that a partnership brings however if that is your reason if that is the reason that you are with that person the moment financial security is questioned or if that foundation falters at all then suddenly the relationship gets thrown into this limbo where suddenly the person that you’re with starts to question your real commitment to them says Balham Escorts. or whether you start quite maybe you start questioning your real commitment to that person as well and the thing about the reasons is that regardless of whether you say them out loud regardless of whether you’ve said hey I’m with you because of X Y Z they know they instinctually know because the two of you are together and if they don’t know they sure as hell have a sneaking suspicion as to why you’re with them and it’s just something that the two of you don’t talk about. now another reason that people are in relationships is because maybe your partner makes you look good or somehow they help you in terms of status and again when the when that becomes something that can be taken away then suddenly the foundation of the relationship it doesn’t allow for honest communication. It doesn’t allow for fights it doesn’t allow for an honoring of values, and there’s no real band or context in the relationship that allows you to fight for something that is that is bigger than the reason that you got into it.